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27 Jul 2009
Guy Genilloud joins Montages
Guy Genilloud, an expert in modeling and standardization, joins Montages as a Senior Consultant. Hi ... [

10 Jun 2009
Montages intensifies ISO20022 work
After many years of a casual cooperation with several members of the ISO TC68/WG4 on ISO20022 metam ... [

19 Mar 2009
Martin Schlatter Villiger joins Montages as COO
Martin Schlatter Villiger, the co-founder and decade long R&D head of the European mobile services ... [

31 Oct 2008
Presentation at 09.12. Eclipse Banking Day NYC
UBS uses business capability modeling for the development and definition of business architectures. ... [

19 Oct 2008
Montages is Hiring
Job Title: Permanent position as Business Modeler and Java Developer Pay: 60,000 CHF - 75,000 CHF ... [

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Resources and Links:
Montages Domain Specific Languages (DSL) Technology
"Montages is based on the intuitive idea of XML + UML = executable XML, which is generalized to XML Schemas,leading to precisely defined, executable
DomainSpecific Language. This simple idea is implemented as an orthogonal extension of OMG standards such as MDA, MOF, and UML, and their corresponding
Eclipse implementations such as EMF. "

Microsoft's Software Factories DSL Technology
"... Software Factories go beyond models as documentation, using highly tuned Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) and the Extensible Markup Language (XML)
as source artifacts..."

OMG's Model Driven Architectures DSL Technology
"... MDA is all about expressing data and process precisely using formal languages like UML. ... With MOF in place, new languages can be defined
whenever necessary, and existing languages can be extended. ..."

Eclipse Modeling Framework, Open Source UML and MOF implementation
"... IBM will be implementing support for UML 2.0 using the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), which conforms to the OMG XMI 2.0 standard. ...
EMF is one of the key technologies supporting OMG's Model Driven Architecture (MDA) initiative. ..."

Metamodeling Foundation for Language-Driven Development
"... Imagine being able to pick and choose the languages and tools you need: rich, general purpose modeling languages, domain specific languages that
capture your domain concepts, powerful analysis and executable languages for validating your designs, transformation languages that allow you to deploy
your designs into any target language you require. Moreover, because these languages are part of a unified and infinitely extensible language design
environment, you can adapt, extend and tune them as your development needs change and grow. ..."